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For a Gann Fan, two reference points define the middle line of a seven-line "fan" of time relative to price. The first reference point is the one from which the fan extends. The second reference point, drawn to the right of the first, determines the rate of equivalence between time and price. The angles of the fan, relative to an assumed horizontal line and middle line's angle, are shown in ... The Gann fan is plotted at different angles from a major high or low on the price chart. According to Gann, the 1х1 ray is the most important of all. If the price is above the 1×1 line, we’re looking at the bullish market. The price hovering above the 1×1 line is indicative of the bearish market. If the trend is going up, the 1х1 line acts as a strong support line. If the line is broken ... Gann's Fan . Lines of the Gann`s Fan are also creating under various corners − to the basic line «one to one» (Gann's line) which determines a current status of the market: the price location over this line is a sign of the growing market, below it – descending. This line is a certain theoretical balance between a time span and price ... Throughout this trading career, Gann earned more than 2 million dollars. In this article, we’ll cover the mystical Square of Nine. Plus, we’ll find out how the Gannzilla tool can help you analyze the market and make calculations in a faster and easier way. What is Square of 9. Gann Square includes two sets of numbers. The first set is also ... In his most famous work, “The Tunnel Thru The Air“, WD Gann said, “My calculations are based on the cycle theory and on mathematical sequences. History repeats itself. That is what I have always contended, – that in order to know and predict the future of anything you only have to look up what has happened in the past and get a correct base or starting point. My authority for stating ... Structure of the Gann fan indicator. Besides the 1×1 angle Gann also distinguished 8 more angles: 1×1 – 45º (1 price range and 1 time period) 1×2 – 26,75º (1 price range and 2 time periods) 1×3 – 18,75º (1 price range and 3 time periods) 1×4 – 15º (1 price range and 4 time periods) 1×8 – 7,5º (1 price range and 8 time periods) 2×1 – 63,75º (2 price intervals and 1 time ... Among Gann’s many speculative techniques, perhaps the most famous is the one known as the Square of Nine, one of his most mysterious calculations and trading systems. According to some acquaintances of Gann, he was wearing a miniature Square of the Nine when he came to speculate on the stock exchange floors. Gann believed that each minimum ...

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